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  • OTCBTC ensures secure trading by implementing a coin reservation system. Underground trading is strictly prohibited. It may result in financial loss and permanent account ban.

  • Include detailed conditions and clear instructions in your Trading Terms and Trading Notes. It leads to a better trading success rate and more positive reviews.

  • Any fraudulent behaviour is not tolerated by OTCBTC and may result in account ban and lawsuits.

  • In the Spirit of Contract, jacking up the price or reneging will be reported and may result in account ban for 3 to 14 days.

ATTENTION: You must read the following to ensure your trading security

  • Please confirm the payment before release your coins.

  • Please do not reveal any sensitive information related to your account during the trade.

  • Please do not reveal your email address to your buyers. It may lead to security issues such as phishing emails and account attacks.

  • Always make sure you are on the official OTCBTC website. Save OTCBTC to your browser bookmarks to avoid phishing websites.

  • OTCBTC staff will never trade with you on behalf of the company. Do not trade with those imposters to avoid financial loss.